Our first music album “ΓΕΝΕΣΙΣ” has already been released!

The word “ΓΕΝΕΣΙΣ”, which means “creation”, represents new ideas derived from ancient knowledge. The sound of the ancient Greek aulos is revived again after 2000 years in a modern music production. It is the result of a constant and long-term effort of our music team, which focuses on music creation based on our ancient Greek music tradition. The composition and music production of the album was developed and performed through the use of ancient Greek instruments constructed by the team itself. These play a leading role as primary solo instruments, while at the same time other modern instruments are used for accompaniment purposes. Ancient Greek lyrics of ancient Greek poetry are also performed into the music, which are melodically arranged and orchestrated by the team.

We would like to thank the collaborators Nancy Klampatsa, Eleni Tsami, the researchers of ancient Greek music Christos Terzes, Stefan Hagel, Barnaby Brown, Charalambos Spirides, Stelios Psaroudakes, the artists Giannis Stathakos, Aliki Markantonatou, Evaggelia Thalassini, Giorgos Katsos, Eirini Makri, Maria Tsioti, Memi Ziori, the company Archaeopolis and all those who participated in the Hermēs: Music Archaeology Project.

Konstantinos Fragkis: Creation of ancient Greek music instruments, music performance, music production
Antonios Ktenas: Orchestration, music performance, music production
Eleni Tsami: Vocals
Nancy Klampatsa: Vocals
Eirini Makri: Photos
Memi Ziori: Model
Maria Tsioti: Costume Designer